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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Our Little Truman is growing up!

Just a quick pic of Truman at 14 weeks old! He went to the vet last week for his second round of shots... and he now weighs a whooping 2.9 pounds! There is something a little sad about seeing him get bigger... but we are pretty sure it is mostly hair!

Here is another shot (taken a couple of weeks ago) on an icy night at home... Me, True, and Hannah... all snuggled up!

Still obsessed with Lenny... we don't allow this anymore... poor Len has sore back muscles and his ears have scabs from Truman's teething!

OK.. so much for a lazy Sunday morning... it is time to shower... go to our favorite breakfast hole in the wall... and then off to rehearsal!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

cd 18...

Today is cd 18.... So far we ttc on cd 15 & 17 (b/c I was out of town...) I have no clue if I "o-ed" or not or when... in fact I am wondering about when to start my progesterone since I have not clue when or if I am in the luetal phase... hmmmm... oh well... I guess that is what a "break" is for.

The conference was great... we left a day late because of the winter weather and ice on the roads... but we got there in plenty of time to go to lots of workshops and socialize a lot. I drank a lot on my trip... vodka tonics... met some friends from another district who were buying drinks for us so I didn't spend the $8 a drink at the hotel bar.... plus... we stopped at a liqueur store on the way in... so we had a stash in our room. Plus we stopped on the way home at a favorite restaurant of Mr. D.'s and mine and had a great lunch... and I brought Mr. D. a piece of black-out cake home... I held it in my lap all 4 hours! So all in all it was a great trip.

My big-city show has started rehearsals along with my school show so I am swamped. I am loooooving working with adults and having a full staff to help me make big-city show great... I can feel myself getting spoiled. If I don't update often you will know why... I have 2 very busy weeks in front of me.

I hope all is well in blogville... I really loved all you responses to my favorites post.. I can't wait to try some of your products!

OK... off to school, the school rehearsal, then drive to big-city, then big-city rehearsal, then bed... then repeat each day for the next 14. Whew...

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

cd 11...

Thank you so much for all your internet sites! I have had a great time visiting them this weekend during the "Arctic blast". Today the high is 32 degrees... not typical for us Texans.

A special note to an old blogging buddy PW - It is so good to see you back... I thought you got sick of this girly blog! And most important.. STUMBLE is the coolest internet tool ever! I don't think I will ever be bored on the net again!

If you haven't downloaded STUMBLE go to my last blog and look in the comments and PW tells you how to do it... it is so cool and definitely worth the pain to download.

Today is cd 11... I am not doing any opks or anything this month... I leave tomorrow to go to the state theatre educators convention and won't be back until Saturday (cd 15)... so probably no new posts until then. On Sunday I start my 2 super busy weeks... directing the big kids show in the big city and directing our competition show at show... so I anticipate the stress level being high...

I thought I would tag you all to leave a list of your favorites for me... I am always in to trying new things... so fill in the blanks.. and I'll see you next week...

Favorite shampoo?
Favorite conditioner?
Favorite mascara?
Favorite lipgloss?
Favorite haircolor?
Favorite air freshener?
Favorite fast food?
Favorite restaurant?
Favorite household cleaner?
Favorite coffee?
Beauty product you can't do without?
Household product you can't do without?

Feel free to add more categories...
You're it!

ps... Here are my answers!

Favorite shampoo? Garnier Fructis for dry damaged hair
Favorite conditioner? Garnier Fructis for dry damaged hair
Favorite mascara? Maybeline Great Lash in Blackest Black
Favorite lipgloss? Tony and Tina Mother Earth Palette
Favorite haircolor? Clairol Hydrience in Sable Cove
Favorite air freshener? I loooove my lamp berger... my favorite scents for my house are eucalypus-mint and red current... I usually buy the cheaper oils.. sorry Lamp Berger!
Favorite fast food? Jack in the Box Monster tacos!
Favorite restaurant? I will list 3... Brio, Gloria's, and Carrabba's
Favorite household cleaner? Pine Sol... I loooove the smell
Favorite coffee? I buy this flavored coffee at a place near my house.. my all time favorite flavors are Blueberry Crumb Cake, Apricot Creme... and a Barnie's coffee flavor called Santa's White Christmas
Beauty product you can't do without? Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer
Household product you can't do without? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

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Friday, January 12, 2007

I am getting a little bored with the sites I regularly check (not the blogs... although some of my blog friends are very busy and don't update often...) But I am talking about the sites I check each morning... I usually check Perez Hilton, Celebrity Baby Blogs, Blogging Baby, & The Celebrity Condition... and then I read blogs...

What new and amazing websites (or blogs... infertility or not) do you love?

I am on cd 7 and just and AF is just about gone... which is an unusually long stay for her.... she is normally here 4-5 days... I guess I had a nice thick lining this last cycle.

Ok.. going back to the internet to search for my new favorite "I'm bored" site.

Talk to me girls...

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cd 4...

The decision to take a month off of clomid has been made.... I have a lot going on this month... auditioning a big show at school... starting to direct this big children's show... and a theatre teachers conference out of town from cd 11 - 14 (right when I would need to be monitored and triggered)... so this cycle we are on our own. Hopefully if I ovulate it will be later in the month (cd 16 or 17) when I will be back from my conference so maybe we will have a long shot this month.. if I ovulate on my own. It is sort of sad to feel like we are in a "holding pattern" for this month... but maybe a little break from dr.'s offices and medicines will be a good thing.

Other than that I am back to my same busy schedule. The new year has started off with a bang and I am already running as fast as I can to keep up.

Truman is doing great! He has been such a joy to have these 2 1/2 weeks... He is almost 11 weeks old and is into everything! He is still teething so he wants to chew everything. The word "NO!" is becoming very common in our house.... But we just love him! He is becoming very spoiled... I am sure I will have to do something about that pretty soon... but for now... I am just enjoying hanging out with him! He went to school with me last Friday and the kids went nuts! They said he was the cutest puppy ever... duh...

That is it for this boooooring update.... I will try to be more interesting next time.


Truman torments the three cats. He has these "crazy spells" each day... where he is just nuts... nipping... running... and growling... begging someone to play with him! If Mr. D. and I ignore him he starts in with his brothers and sisters! They pretty much hate him during these "crazy spells"... that goodness that can seek safety on the counter tops or the furniture where he can't jump (yet.) Sometimes... they just let him attack them and look at me and roll their eyes like "when is he leaving???". I guess puppies will be puppies...

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Friday, January 05, 2007

cd 36

cd 36... this evening I started spotting... this and the 400,000 M&M's and several glasses of wine I consumed tonight indicate that tomorrow will most likely officially be cd 1.

A funny thing happened tonight... I am still trying to decide if I am taking this next cycle off of the clomid and trigger... so I decided to google "clomid rebound pregnancy". I have heard somewhere that sometimes the clomid can continue to cause big follies the month after you stop taking it. I (as I do about 3000 times a day) consulted my best friend Google. I typed it in and guess what came up????


I have been doing this so fucking long that I am now googling MY OWN POSTS!!!! Wow... small world huh? That is a classic example of the irony of infertility and the stupid confusion it brings!

As Oprah would say.. I have had a "full circle moment"... but not the good kind.

M&M's anyone?

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

cd 34...

Today is cd 34and no sign of AF... no double lines either... wtf?

I am sort of thinking of taking the next month off clomid... with my directing gig and school it might be a nice month to be drug free (well except the metformin, estrogen, and progesterone... pretty sad when that = "drug free".) Anyway I thought it might be a nice break for my body after 2 double-clomid cycles. I don't know... I might panic once AF comes and not have the nerve to take any time off... I really enjoyed my "hopeful holidays" and it sucks to be right back in the middle of infertility confusion.

Today is the first day back at school with kids. I am not ready... the holiday just flew by... way to fast. I am excited about the next two months... I have a lot going on... but this morning the thought of going to school and TEACHING??? Ick. It was so hard to drag myself out of bed...

Mr. D. and I are still up a couple of times a night with a very precocious pup who has learned to bang on the walls of his crate when he wants out! But... he is so cute and funny and now he has started just going in his crate at about 9pm when he is ready for bed! It is adorable. He also is teething so he bites and chews everything. Wow.. who even needs a BABY...

OK... off to work (blah.)
I'll let you know if the old witch decides to show up.

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