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Friday, June 20, 2008

It's today!!!

UPDATE - 10:45 pm
To tired to write the whole story.. but WE ARE APPROVED!!! Our social worker stayed for 5 1/2 hours and most of that was just chit chat! Nothing hard... nothing weird... Just like dinner with a friend.. ok... a friend who is REALLY interested on your views on parenting.

Now we just wait for him to prepare our paperwork and sign off on his report! The paperwork and home study hurdles have been jumped... More details later...

So so so so so tired!


Our home study is today sometime between 3:00 - 4:00!!!! I am so excited!

The only downer is that we had arranged for a cleaning service to come in and do the basics so we wouldn't have to worry about bathrooms and dusting window sills etc... but they called yesterday and cancelled because of an emergency... so we will be cleaning our own house... just like we usually do! Bummer!

Here is the plan for the day...

Mr. D. works (he has a voice over for cartoon netw*rk)
Me - clean bathrooms... baseboards... and dust and polish the furniture... make iced tea!

Mr. D. - grocery shops (Our new bff the social worker is joining us for dinner!)... Cleans cat hair off the upholstery (pray our bff doesn't wear black trousers!)... Vacuums and mops. Preps for dinner.
Me - Go teach at my theatre camp... TRY to focus

I will finish at 2:45 and rush home... hopefully I will have time to change and fix makeup before the doorbell rings! (I am really hoping he arrives closer to 3:45 or 4:00... but we can't count on that!

On the menu:
coffee or iced tea when he arrives
dinner: 5:30 pm
ravioli with vodka sauce (thank you C*stco)
some veggie... maybe a grilled mix
Italian bread with olive oil and dipping spices
for dessert... whatever looks pretty at Centa*l M*rket
a nice red wine... only if bff accepts the offer first...
iced tea and coffee

I am nervous... but I don't know why. I feel great about our home... especially since the "room that might be a nursery" is looking almost like a full fledged nursery... complete with crib bedding rocker... everything! I am very secure about our relationship. I know we will make great parents and that our home is warm and filled with love... So what am I nervous about? EVERYTHING!!! Will we say the wrong thing??? will our bff decide we are to happy as a couple and don't need a baby??? What if he hates our house??? What if he thinks three kitties and a pup are way to many animals around??? What if our pets misbehaved and he thinks we have no control over the living things in our house??? arrrggghh.. What if he is allergic to cats??? What if he stands up and there is cat hair on his black trousers??? What if I burn up the whole dinner??? What if he just doesn't like us??? There are so many things floating through me head today.

Just pray for us today.

It is 8:10... a great time for me to start scrubbing bathrooms!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We interrupt our wonderful vacation for some fabulous news!!!


We will arrive home on the 15th and have 5 days to whip the house into shape and get ready!
I am thrilled and just can't wait!!!

Our vacation is going great! I have so much to share... but just have been to lazy to post! The first 5 days were spent with my mom in North Carolina... we window shopped at every baby store within 30 miles! Which was so fun because I may not see my mom again before we have a baby. I was very hesitant to allow here to buy anything... but I did come away with 3 onsies and 7 pairs of socks that look like Mary Jane's... so the girl won't be totally naked!!! When things feel right I will register and then mom can go crazy with the MasterCard if she wants...

We also spent 2 nights in Savannah... one of my new favorite cities... so rich in history and tragedy! We took a twilight carriage ride through the city and heard ghost stories, ate at Paula Dean's LADY AND SONS, did the hop on and off trolley tour, and stopped in the most beautiful church in the world and lit a candle for our daughter. It was so romantic and sweet! We also ate two of the biggest chocolate covered strawberries in the world... I am not kidding... they were the size of my fist!!!!

Now we are at the beach... our beautiful condo in Seaside, Florida.... well ... not "ours" be we rent it every year so it feels like ours. The days are the same as always.. beach... nap... eat.. beach... dinner... shop... then fall exhausted into bed. This time we rented bikes to we ride the 1 1/2 miles to Seaside and back... it feels good to get a little exercise before eating a huge burger and banana split!

So that is it in a nutshell... we have 3 more days on the beach then home. But we are excited to get to because we have a home study. Then Mr. D. will leave for 4 whole weeks to do a show in Houston and I will drive up on weekends when I am not teaching at my two summer theatre camps.

I will post more pictures of vacation soon... but now I am off to the beach!!!

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