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Monday, March 16, 2009

A new pumping plan

Since I started pumping I was able to get drops but after several months it just wasn't getting much more than drops... so I called my doctor and I am on an official (drug induced) lactation protocol.

For the next month I will take a specific form of birth control pills (Yasmin)... along with a minorly controversial non-FDA approved in the US medication called domperidone. Over the next month I will watch for "significant breast changes" (soreness... pain... & of course getting BIGGER) if I have these changes by the first month (and I will because that is par for the course when I am on bc pills) I will then stop the bc and start pumping hard core (six times a day plus once at night) while continuing the domperidone. This is the same accelerated induced lactation protocol on Ask Lenore which is an awesome site to check out about all things breastfeeding. The hope is that my "early summer" I will at least have enough milk to give some breast milk to our little Finn.

So that is what I am up to... we are moving forward and taking the extra couple months we have to try to get this breastfeeding thing right.

Other than that I am working very hard at work on a beautiful version of the Greek tragedy Antigone. I have had such a nice time directing this one and for such a tragic play we have had a lot of fun. This is my busiest time of year and hopefully the amount of work I have will help the time pass quickly.

That is about it from here... I have started a surprise Finn project that may or may not pan out... and I am still spending all my spare time in baby stores... other than that we are here and we are waiting... patiently.

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Monday, March 02, 2009

Moving forward to "early summer"...

Thank you friends.

Your sweet words really helped me this week. Each time I read a new comment it made me feel more and more that I am not going through this alone... and that there are so many people out there supporting me and pulling for me in (hopefully) these last few months.

A couple of surprise good things happened this week that also helped me get out of my funkiness. First Mr. D. and I went to an incredible baby safety and CPR class. It was a private class (because no one else signed up on the night we signed up) and for $50 we spent over 3 hours talking safety and learning CPR one on one with our presenter. She is an RN and lactation consultant and owns the coolest store right near my house called (they have great stuff and amazing sales so check out there internet store) Anyway... now I have a lactation consultant who is going to help me with this adoptive inducing lactation thing.

The other cool thing that happened this week was that my aunt and uncle bought us the cutest car seat and stroller. I had one on my registry that I sort of liked... but my aunt called and had found a design I had never seen before and wanted me to look at it because is was so "me"... and guess what she found us the PERFECT pattern! It is just adorable. So that also makes me feel more ready since it was a big purchase that we had to have (at the least the car seat) before we go to get little Finley.

I also had one major splurge latest... this totally amazing diaper bag by Amy Michelle. It was way to expensive... but I have always known that after 6 years of infertility treatments and now this adoption wait... well... I have always wanted the coolest most awesome diaper bag to carry around... So now I have it. Drool.
So... I think I am mostly pulled out of my depressed state and I am trying hard to move forward looking toward "early summer". Don't get me wrong... it still sucks... Imagine telling a woman who is 40 weeks pregnant that she has to wait another 4 months before giving birth... that is kind of how I feel. We are just so READY. But... thankfully my good friends... good family... and good fortune helped bring me back to reality and remind me that summer will come. It will. It really will.

Proof positive that I am looking forward to "early summer". I can't wait to see my little Finn finally in this dress... probably on a beach somewhere!!!

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