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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A brand new day.

I wake up this morning inspired to blog for the first time in a long time. I am just giddy with excitement about last nights election. I am so inspired by both candidates but I am truly humbled to have been a part of this historic election. President-elect Obama had me in tears last night and I watched all the states roll in last night both on TV and the Internet! I am just thrilled that in the same year that I will bring home my daughter we have a president that we can actually be proud of! The air is just buzzing this morning!

In other news... today is cd 3. I haven't heard anything from our agency but I have a call in to chat about breast feeding and cord blood banking. I have a cord collecting kit on the way from Viac*rd and hopefully there will be a chance that the cord blood can be saved for us. My BFF Nicole brought over her breast pump and I have started *trying* to use it! Damn... it hurts like a mother! I am just trying 5 minutes twice a day right now to sort of get my boobs used to this... uhm... well... pain. Nicole insured me that it gets easier... so when it does and after I have talked with my agency I plan to start pumping more so that we can see what kind of milk supply I can bring on. I am not taking any medication (since it is illegal in the US) and I am not using birth control therapy... so we will see what I can do just with the pump!

I attended the most wonderful adoption conference two weeks ago! It was a HUGE conference that a local church does each year for FREE! And this conference was nice! It included breakfast and lunch and then you could choose between 4-5 sessions to attend each hour! Leading child development experts, adoption social workers, and adoptive parents lead the sessions and it was so informative! And cool to literally meet hundreds of people who are going through the same thing!!! Did I mention that this was all FREE??? It was just amazing and I was honored to attend!!!!

School is still kicking my butt! I have been very busy at work and am already directing my second show of the year! It is harder this year because I have so much anticipation about Finley that it is hard to care that much about anything else... but I am trying!

I will end with a couple of fall picture including our yearly Halloween pumpkins! This year I carved one for Finn! Mr. D. was very busy and didn't carve one of his famous princesses... but I tried to make up for it by working on an Ariel! If you want to see our past pumpkins just check out the October archives... I must say... we do know how to carve us some pumpkins!

Take care!!!! Keep the prayers coming!!!!

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