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Thursday, January 31, 2008

cd 1... again

This time my cycle was exactly 28 days.... in fact I was totally surprised this morning when I woke up and had started... I didn't even have the chance to be hopeful this month... which I guess is kind of good.

I have never not posted for and entire cycle... I have thought about posting everyday... but I am finding I have less and less to say. Since I am not doing any treatments I don't have much to talk about. I have seen this happen to many a blogger... it is like they slowly fade away. In fact the first several blogs listed on my blogroll haven't posted in months. But I don't want to be like that... If I end my blog I want to end it... not just string people along. But lately... well for a long time... I have felt like I have very little to say about my own fertility.

I have no plan... There are things rolling around my head... more adoption meetings... a laporoscopy... another IUI... but nothing is jumping out at me as the thing to do. I think it will be adoption... I think I am done with treatment... but I am still sorting it all out on my head and with my husband. I am in the process of giving up a dream and that (for me) is a long and very hard process. I think about it all the time... but it is overwhelming. It is sad. It is frustrating. But this is the road we are on and as soon as we agree on the next step we will take it.

In more postive news... work is fine... Mr. D. is great. Our latest projects have been to renovate our extra bedroom closet to make it kid ready and child friendly and to do the same to the office closet. We did it kind of Cal.ifor.nia Clo.sets style... but we did all the instalation ourselves. We painted the insides of both closets... put up the armior type thing with shelves and drawers... added shelves and racks and wow what a difference... I think we increased the room by about 3 times! Maybe this weekend I will post some pics... if anyone is interested.

OK... that is my update... hope there are still people out there. I will try to do better at posting...

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

cd 1...

I was late... by 5 days... I never tested... but I was becoming very hopeful.

One more IUI either this month or next.

Then what? Who knows.

Back to school today... back to the gym... back to infertility.

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