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Monday, October 13, 2008

Say it ain't so Joe!

So Lisa Marie Presley just named her twin girls!!!

Harper... (which was our second choice name...)




How strange that we chose a name that we had never heard anyone use... and now... wham... it went the way of Violet and Vivienne... But HOW did she pick BOTH of our names??? If I find out Finley's middle name is Elisse I will really be freaked!

We are still using "our" name... because she is already Finn to us.... but man... that sucks!

Hopefully it won't become the next Brittany, Ashley or Kaylie or any of the other names that have now become super over used and are now common.

I just wanted our daughter to have a unique and well thought out name... and now I will have to cringe when anyone says... "Oh Finley... did you name her after Elvis's granddaughter??"


PS... The wait is getting really hard... we haven't heard anything from our agency in a while. It is really hard to be in "the wait". Please keep us in your prayers.

PSS... Everyone vote. I am voting for Obama... mainly because of Sarah Palin.

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